Beer + Chocolate = Divine

June 14, 2013

Beer + Chocolate = Divine

Divine Chocolates and Mid-Atlantic Beers Make a Perfect Pair, Order a six pack of chocolates and get a free copy of my book Fermenting Revolution — a Father’s Day special!

The First LEED Certified Brewery

October 2, 2012

Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, Michigan appears to have become the first LEED certified brewery. Click here to learn more.

Brewery Vivant

Capital City Octoberfest

October 2, 2012

And where I will be Saturday:

Explore Your Craft

October 2, 2012

Where I will be tomorrow:

A College President Who Has the Spirit of Beer

January 19, 2012

This is my favorite posting on beer in a long time.

Darron Collins is the president of the College of the Atlantic, a school where studies are seen through the lens of human ecology. Apparently he understand the human ecology of beer. Read what he has to say about it here, including gems such as this one: “I, as any good beer-lover would have done in this situation, sat down on my barley sack, cleansed the pallet with a bite of pretzel, and reached for my glass.”

1k “Beer Walk” in Crystal City this Weekend

January 19, 2012

Getting out for a bit of a stroll this weekend. I’ll be walking a whopping one kilometer inside the mall in Crystal City.

Going shopping at the mall doesn’t sounds like something Chris O’Brien would be doing, right? Well, I could be going to get a hearty dose of homophobic christian conservatism at Chik-Fil-A, or maybe to get tweezed at Perfect Eyebrows. Nah, not so much. But then again, they do have a place called King Street Blues, which sounded like it could be cool until I realized from their website that they don’t actually have any live blues there.

No, the truth is I’m not going there to shop. I’m going there for beer. The “1k Beer Walk” to be precise.

The Washington Wine Academy organized this stroll-and-drink event. There will be good beers being dispensed throughout the mall. Pricing is a little confusing but it looks like tickets are $35-$40 on Saturday and only $20 on Sunday, all available online in advance only. A ticket is good for 20 tasting tickets, as well as cheese and bread to keep you going (and also a t-shirt in case you need another one to stuff in your drawer).

The beer list looks decent. A few locals, Port City, DC Brau, and Flying Dog. Several national micros, such as New Belgium, Brooklyn, and Sam Adams. Some German and Belgian imports. A few faux micros like Blue Moon and Leinenkugel (both owned by SABMillerCoors). And a few throwaway beers like Pabst and Old Milwaukee — seriously?!

Put your beer walking shoes on and meet me there. I’ll be in the 2:30pm “heat” on Saturday.

COOP Ale Works

January 17, 2012

COOP Ale Works looks like they are trying to deal with sustainability issues in their brewery. Their promo video is well done and they seem to be making some efforts by purchasing using wind power, for example.

I do wish though that when breweries claim to use “No additives, no chemicals, no preservatives” they would understand that if they are using conventional grain and hops they are using products produced by many added petrochemicals.