Beer #6: St. Feuillien Triple

Andy Burglar(no. 6 in the Twelve Beers of Chirstmas series)

Brewed by the St. Feuillien brewery in Le Roeux, Belgium, this was an end of the night beer out in Springfield, WV (see last post). Although I could only find the Triple, I did serve it in a proper Beglian style chalice complete with the wrapped present-shaped St. Feuillien’s Cuvee du Noel coaster, which would have been the more seasonally appropriate beer choice.

That’s my friend Andy getting ready to enjoy the first sip. Looks like he’s getting ready to burglarize someone’s home, but as you can see from the previous post, there was no burglary in the plan, just straight forward house-destruction.

We also sampled one of Mike’s homebrews, as well as a couple scotches and some Mt. Moonshine – I’ll have to cover appalachian moonshine in some future posts.


One Response to Beer #6: St. Feuillien Triple

  1. It’s not the fall that kills you: it’s tl1e sudden stop at the end.

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