Beer #7: The Brewpub of Christmas Past

Uncle TuckersI first discovered the place by accident several years ago. I was driving across Interstate 68 and saw a billboard along the side of the road announcing Uncle Tucker’s micro Brewery. Stunned to see such a sign in what seemed like an unlikely place for a brewpub, I immediately wound my way off the highway toward where I had spotted the sign. The place turned out to be great! An historic building that gave the feel of an old roadside inn dating, I’m guessing, from the mid 1800s. The bar was snug and cozy with a fireplace, wooden tables, and brick-a-brac covering the walls. I tasted a couple house beers and was overjoyed at my luck. 

So when I went to visit my friends in West Virginia the other day (see previous post) I pulled over to check in on Uncle Tucker. The place was as cozy as ever, with holiday decorations decking the halls. But to my great disappointment, brewing had apparently ceased. The restaurant and lodging were still in business and the bar had several handles of local craft brew, but none were brewed on premise. Perhaps Cumberland isn’t ready for a brewpub after all. Or perhaps the pub needs a revamp of their customer service – there wasn’t a single employee in sight for the ten minutes that we stood at the bar wondering why there were no Uncle Tuckers beers on the taps.


One Response to Beer #7: The Brewpub of Christmas Past

  1. Sherry says:

    vvGRqT That’s way more clever than I was expecting. Thanks!

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