Beer #9: K-9 Cruiser

K-9 CruiserGonzo Beer for a Gonzo Beer Writer?

Flying Dog’s bottle labels feature the work of Ralph Steadman, the artist who became legendary due partly to his association with Hunter S. Thompson, the original ‘gonzo’ journalist. Flying Dog is also the company that bought the Frederick Brewing Company, whose “Snowball’s Chance” winter ale I blogged about here.

The K-9 Cruiser is their Winter Ale, dark and malty, brewed with an addition of oats. The original Flying Dog brewery is located in Colorado and has an ‘extreme’ sports theme running through its imagery, especially activities that involve snow. So it’s no surprise that they claim the ideal drinking occasion for this ale is “After you have pulled your first backside 180 and lived to tell the tale.” Macho dude marketing-speak like this bothers me. It’s as if they expect me to believe that drinking this beer will magically transform me into a radical snowboarder. Au contraire, I am sitting on the couch and I have barely been outside all day.


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