Brew Day – Best Bitter Real Ale

Homebrew ingredientsIt’s been over a year since I last brewed. That was when I was brewer at Zululand Brewing Co. in South Africa. A typical brew day in Eshowe included shooing away baboons from the brewhouse. They were funny little critters, one had shockingly bright blue testicals. I named a beer after him – Old Blue Balls Porter.

Now I’m living in a condo in Silver Spring, MD, so my brew day is a little more conventional. I use an 11 gallon aluminum brew kettle (don’t worry, the supposed link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s is unproven and increasingly considered unlikely) and brew partial mash – partial extract using all organic ingredients from Seven Bridges.

Brewing stoveThe first batch in the new place is a British Best Bitter, my everyday beer ever since I lived in England and learned to love Real Ale. I even bought a hand pump so I can serve my bitter in the traditional manner using no forced carbonation or excess refrigeration, i.e. warm and flat as we Americans call it.

I’m psyched to be back in the kitchen brewing beer! It’s such a rewarding experience. I mean, it may sound obvious, but what other activity results in beer coming out the other end? Ahem, I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.

I’ll blog more about homebrewing in future posts, and provide some how-to instructions, emphasizing ways to brew that are fun, sociable, and environmentally-friendly.


One Response to Brew Day – Best Bitter Real Ale

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    Good to see you’re back in it! It’s been way too long for me, too – must brew soon.

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