Not to be confused with “Uni-brow”

UnibroueI’ve got eight 750ml Unibroue concoctions to contend with. I stuck them in my Stegmaier wooden beer crate a couple months ago thinking I’d invite some friends over to have a strong beer tasting over the holidays, but that never happened. So tonight I decided to finally dip in to the stash and drink the Maudite all by me lonesome. (Seung is in Connecticut at a Save the Children meeting).

Unibroue, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is not exactly the small craft brewery I thought it was. It’s actually owned by Sleeman, one of Canada’s biggest breweries, which is itself now owned by Sapporo.

Maudite has one of those hell-bent labels that is a growing theme among craft breweries these days. Everyone wants to be extreme and satanic. Maudite means “the damned one” and the label depicts a hellion with wings underneath a canoeful of the doomed apparently trying to row themselves across, or maybe away from, the river styx.

Me, I welcome the challenge.


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