The Bush Agenda: Drinking One Organic Beer at a Time

AntoniaThis is Antonia Juhasz, a close pal of mine who recently authored a blockbuster book about the corporate agenda in Iraq. It’s called The Bush Agenda: Taking Over the World One Economy at a Time.

She visited my humble abode last weekend while in town for the big peace march on the Capitol. We drank some organic beers and talked politics. Here’s what I learned.

First of all, the book outlines how Bush paved the way in Iraq for American corporations to control the oil and much of the rest of the economy. This is a story behind the war that the mainstream media hasn’t covered at all.

The peace march (which I planned to attend but I threw my back out) attracted a couple hundred thousand people calling for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and a handing over of power (political as well as economic) to Iraqis. The basic argument is that we’re doing more harm than good, developing more enemies rather than making the world more secure.

On Sunday, Antonia and nine other authors provided testimony in the House Ways and Means Committee chamber on why we should withdraw from Iraq. This “Out of Iraq Book Fair” was sponsored by California representatives Maxine Waters and Lynn Woolsey. The panel also included Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal; and Aaron Glantz, author of How America Lost Iraq.

Several soldiers also spoke on behalf of Iraq Veterans Against the War. They said supporting the troops means bringing them home, caring for them when they get back, making reparations to Iraqi people and getting American corporations out of the country and transferring ownership of industry back to Iraqis.


2 Responses to The Bush Agenda: Drinking One Organic Beer at a Time

  1. Arthur T says:

    The Bush Agenda is one of the best political books I have ever read.
    First it is incredibly informative, and yet also with clear prose that is a delight to read.

    there are so many disconnects and unexplained mysteries and baffling aspects of the Iraq war when one attempts to follow the logic and story-line of a mainstream-media accounting of the Iraq war. But Here the story is understandable, clear and honestly told.

    It really should be required reading for everyone, and again, it is not like a text book – dull, and it is not like a book of rumors or unsubstantiated wild accusations – simplistic and insulting of our intelligence. No! It is none of these things, it is a scholarly written book that is also uplifting, positive and really inspiring!

  2. I most certenly liked your innovative angle that you have on the topic. I wasnt thinking on this at the time I started browsing for tips. Your ideas were totally simple to understand. Happy to find out that there’s an individual online that gets it precise what its is talking about.

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