Mid-Atlantic Brewing Crew

MABN StaffI had an unusual staff meeting tonight. It was held at Dr. Dremo’s in Arlington, VA and the boss bought the staff plates of wings and poppers and great beers like Bell’s Amber and Troeg’s Troegenator.

That’s a few of the staff writers in the picture (L to R: Alexender D. Mitchell IV, Greg Kitsock the editor, and the ad sales rep hiding behind Martin Morse Wooster).

The next issue is going to have a “Pennsylvania brewing renaissance” theme. I was assigned an article about the union boycott against Yeungling and a piece about the new Tria Fermentation School in Philly.

I could get used to this kind of staff meeting.


2 Responses to Mid-Atlantic Brewing Crew

  1. Captain Hops says:

    Hello Chris,
    I am a fellow Marylander and I just discovered your site. It inspired the Haiku of the Day.

    Good luck with your book and your message.

    Captain Hops.

  2. beeractivist says:

    Hey Captain Hops,

    I love the beer haiku daily concept. Beer itself is poetry and the inspiration for many poetic excursions. I actually fancied myself a poet once upon a time.

    Where in Maryland are you? Feel free to email me offline. I submit my email address in your web site’s form.


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