Make Organic Beer, Not War

Beer not WarYesterday, the House of Representatives passed their non-binding resolution opposing the troop surge in Iraq.

Then while perusing random beer blogs today, I discovered Shoreman Organic Ales, a blog kept by homebrewer Chris Gillis who uses all organic ingredients from Seven Bridges Cooperative. He brews three gallon all-grain batches and it looks like he fancies Belgian styles.

I noticed that the t-shirt he’s wearing in his “about” page: says: “Make Beer, not Bombs.” That reminded of this t-shirt an old colleague got for me from the Madison, WI airport several years ago, pictured above.

So I’ve decided to adopt my own “house resolution:”

WHEREAS, there is plenty of beer to go around, so I will never fight over limited beer supplies.

WHEREAS, there is plenty of good homebrew and craft beer, I pledge to help America break its addiction to foreign imports and corporate-owned beer by supporting the surge in homebrewing and craft beer sales.

WHEREAS, I’m perfectly capable of making a decent batch of organic homebrew, I further pledge to make enough organic beer that I’ll always have enough to share.


5 Responses to Make Organic Beer, Not War

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    I pledge to help you drink it.

  2. beeractivist says:

    Dave – and I’m sure you’re a man of your word.

  3. […] at the Beer Activist blog wrote a small blip about Shoreman Organic Ales recently here . If you want to get one of these shirts, just log on to Portsmouth […]

  4. chris gillis says:

    Chris – thanks for the blip – if anyone wants to get one of these shirts, I’ve got a post on my blog about where to get them – all profits go to a great cause:

  5. beeractivist says:

    Cool, thanks for the info Chris. Styling tee. Great to see brewers speaking out.

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