Mel, the MN Beer Activist

MelaneeLet’s hear a big welcome to Melanee Meegan, the Minnesota Beer Activist! She works at Peace Coffee in Minneapolis and is the first person in the extended Beer Activist blog network.

That’s a photo of her drinking a glass of t’ella (Ethiopian homebrew) in a hut somewhere along the road to Mt. Wenchi. It was taken when she came to visit Ethiopia in 2005 to visit some of the coffee farmers that grow beans sold by Peace Coffee and other members of the fair trade Cooperative Coffees importing coop.

She’ll be posting here occassionally as the mood hits her. I’m hoping she’ll blog about some fair trade coffee / beer drinks and about the local brewing scene in the Minnesota environs. Her first post is below.


9 Responses to Mel, the MN Beer Activist

  1. G says:

    Hello, Mel:

    Was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to get quality beers sold at grocery stores in the Twin Cities. What, are we in the Dark Ages here? I recently signed up to support the WIne with DInner/Minnesota Grocers Association fight, but was distraught to find out after the fact that they are only lobbying to get wine on the shelves. Help!

  2. beeractivist says:

    The Brewer’s Association has a growing legal department that is working to change laws that prevent good beer distribution. I’m not sure whether that’s the problem causing the poor availability in your area, but they’d be worth contacting with the question. Their website is

    Another good one, dedicated to getting alcohol laws changed, is one here in my state called Marylanders for Better Beer and Wine Laws, found online at:

    Chris “the Beer Activist” O’Brien

  3. G says:

    thanks for the links!

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  6. Scott says:

    I was wondering about the legality of selling wines at MN grocery stores? More so, do you know if wine can be sold with the same license as beer?


  7. beeractivist says:

    Scott – the laws are different everywhere so I’m afraid I can’t help much. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) would be a good place to start your research:


  8. Tea says:

    Wow…someone has the worst job ever! I want it!

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