Wind-Powered Montana Beer Festival

Sam Porter emailed to tell me he has just launched the wind-powered Montana Beer Festival, scheduled for April 6 at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds in Bozeman. Porter (it seems that is really his name!) says the festival will celebrate and feature more than 75 Northern Rockies craft beers and the entire event will be offset by a purchase of wind-power credits.

Montana Beer Festival

The Northern Rockies chapter of Bioneers is another of Porter’s projects. Bioneers is a loosely coordinated national forum and series of events connecting sustainability, economics, health, social justice, and “spirit.” The Beer Festival seems heavy on the “spirit” element, but in a different way than I think the founders intended.

Blackfoot River OPAThe event brings together music, and local cheeses and meats, to accompany beers from the likes of Kettle House Brewing (whose Olde Bongwater Hemp Porter sounds worth trying), Snake River Brewing (whose Dim Witbier I once drank a growler of during a visit to some way outback natural hot springs somewhere on the road from Jackson Hole to Denver), and Blackfoot River Brewing, brewers of Blackfoot River Gold Organic Pale Ale and North Fork Organic Porter.


2 Responses to Wind-Powered Montana Beer Festival

  1. Julie says:

    In case you’re looking to find and map the festival breweries and more, check out


  2. beeractivist says:

    Thanks Julie – I hadn’t seen pubquest before. Great resource!

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