Official: Beer Is the Answer

GuardianThe Guardian Unlimited, the U.K.’s best wide-distribution liberal newspaper just published a piece by me about . . . yeah, you guessed it: drinking beer and saving the world. Read it online here. It’s called “Official: Beer Is the Answer – New Ideas from Microbreweries Are Leading the Way for Sustainable Business.”

There is a raging debate going on in the comments section of this article in the Guardian. Informed beer activists should click through and post thoughtful comments about how beer really is helping to save the world.


4 Responses to Official: Beer Is the Answer

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    Congratulations on getting into the Guardian! I hope it gets you a whole bunch of new readers.

  2. beeractivist says:

    Thanks man. Actually, this article blasted my visits up by more than a factor of ten. In fact, it landed me on the wordpress fastest growing blog’s top 20 list. Newspapers are powerful.

  3. Dave Bonta says:

    All right! This is where it pays to be on, I guess. A regular server might’ve been swamped – and/or charged you extra for the bandwidth. Here, even if the Digg herd descends en masse, you should be O.K.

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