Beer Activists: The Highest Form of Flattery?

Reading the new issue of Beer Advocate yesterday I noticed a reference to “Beer Activists.” Cool. Then I realized they were referring to a new program launched by the Brewers Association urging people to “Become a Beer Activist.” They have a logo for it and everything.

Beer Activist logo

According to their website, the program is dedicated to “supporting and protecting the legislative and regulatory interests of small, traditional, and independent breweries.” I certainly support that.

They also have a “Beer Activist E-Action Alert.” Weird. I’ve been doing that too, since 2004, ever since I started writing an e-brewsletter called Beer Activist News, and a website at that was titled: “The Beer Activist Guide to Saving the World.”(Since I started blogging here I’ve moved that site over to It seems a little strange that they never contacted me about using the name, especially since I’ve actually written several articles for them over the years, including a feature for New Brewer in 2005 where I opened the piece by talking about “the growing ranks of beer activists.”

FR Logo

Their program is limited to legal issues, as they say, which doesn’t seem to include activism supporting social justice or environmental sustainability – the kind of beer activism I advocate. Though I fully support legal efforts that help small, independent brewers too.

Well, I suppose it’s the highest form of flattery, as they say. But still, it’s kind of annoying.


One Response to Beer Activists: The Highest Form of Flattery?

  1. Tim O'Brien says:

    copyright that shit dude

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