Washington D.C. Area Brewpub Scene “A Glass Half Empty”

Greg Kitsock writes in today’s Washington Post about how the area brewpub scene is experiencing a hiccup. Two brewpubs have recently closed and none have opened. DC proper has a mere three brewpubs, compared to Portland, OR’s whopping 23 and Seattle’s 15. And what’s more, all the DC brewpubs are chains. Okay, Cap City is actually a small, local chain – not really much of a chain at all. But the District Chophouse is owned by the same company that owns the Rock Bottom brewpub chain. They and Gordon Biersch are two of the larger national brewpub chains. Although I’ve heard pretty good things about both, especially how well they manage to retain their brewers, which one assumes is because they must be treated well.

Jason Oliver in the Post

The article cites area beer author Chris O’Brien – hey, that’s me! I like the sound of area beer author so much better than “area man” – although “area man” is making more regular appearances in the area now that The Onion is being distributed for free in the area! Jason Oliver showed up in the article as well, playing the role of “area brewer.” Jason is the top dawg of Gordon Biersch’s east coast brewing operations. And they just opened a new outlet in Rockville, which I’ll have to check out soon – I already missed my chance for a free dinner there a couple weeks ago.

Speaking of Jason, he and I are planning to cook up some sorghum beer this weekend. Stay tuned for details on that.


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