World Fair Trade Day: Fair Trade Beer and Wine

World Fair Trade Day

This Saturday is World Fair Trade Day. Having worked in the fair trade movement for a while, it’s something I care a lot about. So I couldn’t be happier that this year I’m going to get to celebrate World Fair Trade Day by visiting a fair trade winery in Chile!

For beginners: Fair trade, broadly defined, is a global movement for, well . . . just what it sounds like, trade on fair terms. At it’s most basic, trade is the result of two people having something the other wants and trading for mutual benefit.

One problem with much global trade today is that a lot of people don’t benefit. And it’s not because they don’t have things of value or because they don’t want to trade. It’s because the rules are rigged against them. So-called “free trade” is anything but. Global “free trade” is highly regulated by wealthy nations and the corporations that influence them.

Fair trade says: “Hey, level the playing field.”

For a better understanding of the fair trade movement, check out Jackie DeCarlo’s brand new book: Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide. She blogs at Fair Trade Beginners.

Etica fair trade winesOn to the drinks.

I’ve written about Mongozo’s fair trade beers before. And my beer-drinking, fair-trade-coffee-selling pal Mel blogged here about Etica’s fair trade wines. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the folks from Etica a few weeks ago at the Chicago Green Festival. They even gave me a bunch of fair trade wines to taste. Then we concocted a plan for me to go to Chile and visit one of the wineries whose fair trade wines they distribute here in the U.S.

So in a few weeks I’m going to visit Los Robles in Curico, Chile. That’s Tiffany and Brad, of Etica, in the picture. More about fair trade wine when I return from Chile in late June. Meanwhile, celebrate World Fair Trade Day by buying some fair trade goods: chocolate, coffee, bananas, and wine!


5 Responses to World Fair Trade Day: Fair Trade Beer and Wine

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    You lucky dog!

    It’s also International Migratory Bird Day, you know.

  2. beeractivist says:

    Well, as they say, a beer in the hand is worth two in the fridge.

  3. Alicia says:

    For those of you who are interested in the issue of Fair trade, there is a powerful documentary out called “Black Gold,” that documents the lives of Ethiopian coffee farmers and clearly demonstrates why all of us should be asking for Fair Trade coffee. “Black Gold” was recently released in the theater but is now available to the public on DVD via California Newsreel. You can read more about the documentary or pick up a copy of it here at

  4. looking to carry more fair trade beer / wine at heartland cafe.
    stay in touch
    come on live from the heartland radio sometime.
    michael james
    773 965 8005

  5. looking to carry more fair trade wine/beer at heartland cafe
    come on live from the heartland radio sometime
    stay in touch
    michael james
    773 965 8005

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