Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Fair

MREAMark your calendars for the nation’s biggest renewable energy event. This three day outdoor event is called the Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Fair, organized by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, and held in the bucolic countryside in Custer, WI, June 15-17.

Central WatersCentral Waters Brewing will be providing the beer for the event and I’ll be leading to workshops on how to drink beer and save the world, emphasizing how breweries are using solar and wind energy, and biofuels, energy efficiency, and waste recovery to brew up a revolution in the beer industry.

Wisconsin is lousy with breweries and brewpubs so I’m planning to make a brewery tour out of it. We’re going to stay at the Crystal River Inn, a B & B in Waupaca, WI, which you can’t beat for 68 bucks a night. The fairgrounds also have plenty of space camping and tickets for the fair itself are cheap – $10 for a day or $25 for all three days.

I’m speaking Friday night at 5pm and again Saturday at 2pm. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity, come on out and say hello! I’ll be the guy drinking beer.


4 Responses to Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Fair

  1. Jonathan says:

    Unfortunately I will be nowhere in the vicinity (unless Atlanta, GA “Brew S of A”) is in the vicinity, but this topic of zero-waste breweries and the growth of sustainable practices in the (micro)brewing industry in general is becoming of increasing interest to me. We’re considering going organic with some of our homebrews, and I’ve started growing hops in preparation. Thanks for devoting an entire site to saving the world through beer!

    These thoughts are still formulating (fermenting, if you will), hopefully I’ll be more coherent after reading your book.

  2. beeractivist says:

    Hi Jonathan – good luck with the hops. I’ve had good success with homegrown hops in the past. Using a drip watering system helped a lot. I harvested several ounces per bine the first year.

    Best of luck with your brewery planning. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about organics. And, of course, if you’re looking for organic brewing supplies, the place to get ’em is Seven Bridges,


  3. I’m here to promote a different kind of fermenting, which produces a renewable fuel, and which can then generate a lot of power if the technology is encouraged.

    This is Anaerobic Digestion, and it can even be used to make energy from the food waste from fairs and festivals.

    Anaerobic Digestion – all about renewable energy from waste materials here.

  4. beeractivist says:

    Steve – meant to reply to you sooner but the comment got lost in my inbox. Thanks for the info about your site. Looks very helpful. Perhaps some brewers will discover anaerobic digestion and make use of it for their spent grains. I know of a few that have tried.


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