Bike to Beer Day

May 14-18 is National Bike to Work Week, and the 17th is Bike to Work Day. I bike to work most days anyway, so I hereby redeclare this to be “Bike to Beer Week.”

I’ve done my share of biking to beer destinations, but the PedalPub in Minneapolis takes it to a whole new level (pictured below with what appears to a group of drunks gleefully pedaling away from a city engulfed in flames behind them).


The new issue of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News has an article I wrote about biking to DC area brewpubs. I’ll post the entire article once it has run in the brewspaper first.

I’m semi-active in a local real ale club called the RAMBLERS. About once a year we do what’s called a Wobble, which is a bike ride with pit stops at houses where casks of real ale dispense nice low alcohol session beers via hand pump. Here’s a picture of our family-friendly entourage at one of the pit stops.Real Ale Wobble


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  1. […] World Naked Bike Ride Naked bike riding. In the continuing celebration of Bike to Work week I share this good news: On June 9th, people everywhere will be biking naked – and it doesn’t have anything to do with biking and beer. […]

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