Flying Dog Woody Creek White

Flying Dog Woody Creek WhiteSome lucky beer guy named Tom Havey won a trip to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO by submitting the winning name of Flying Dog’s new summer seasonal: Woody Creek White.

I’m happy for Tom, but the name, well I think it’s great to name beers after local points of interest but sometimes they just get boring. Luckily the beer is a refreshing Belgian style wit that jumps out of the bottle and says drink me. For the record, Woody Creek is apparently “Gonzo Ground Zero” where Hunter S. Thompson hung out with the brewery’s founding owners George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre.

As an unfiltered wheat beer, this is cloudy white and spiced with orange peel and coriander, a very easy-drinking summer beer that doesn’t need to compromise flavor and body to be refreshing and thirst-quenching on a hot day.


3 Responses to Flying Dog Woody Creek White

  1. Tim O'Brien says:

    cool, I was wondering about your opinion on Flying Dog products. Right now I’m enjoying a Full Moon Pale Rye Ale made by Real Ale Brewing Company out of Blanco (near Austin) Texas. I don’t actually have the vocabulary to describe the taste but I can say after a busy day some of it spent out in the hot Houston sun it’s just what the doctor ordered. If I’m lucky I’ll make it to the home brew supply store tomorrow and score some yeast so I can brew my own summer libation.

  2. beeractivist says:

    Unless I’m confusing it with another place, I think we went to the Real Ale Brewing co. and had some free sausages during a happy hour, didn’t we?

  3. Tom Havey says:

    The actual name I submitted was “Woody Creek Wheat” with a tagline of “give me a woody.” The trip to the GABF was epic, and the folks at Flying Dog treated me very well. Ironically, they were sold out of that beer and I still have not yet tasted it.
    Tom Havey

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