Eat Yogurt, Get Free Organic Cotton Beer Sack

Okay so it’s just a sack – you don’t have to put beer in it. But what better than a six pack of organic beer to go in your new organic cotton cloth bag?

LidHere’s the deal:

Stonyfield Yogurt chose my employer, New American Dream, as a partner in their annual “Bid with your Lid” program in which they donate $100,000 and lots of free exposure to three worthy environmental causes.

To participate, when you purchase Stonyfield yogurt (or soy yogurt) make sure you get the ones with the special lids featuring the New American Dream logo (as seen in lid image above). Collect and return the lids to vote for which organization you think should get the cash, plus get these eco-groovy prizes for participating:

10 lids = a coupon for one free Terra Nostra chocolate bar and a coupon for one free box of Stash tea or use the coupons for $5.00 off chocolate or tea online orders.

20 lids = a carabiner with compass.


30 lids = an organic cotton beer bag (a.k.a. tote bag).


The bag is emblazoned with New Dream’s six steps for reducing your carbon footprint, one of which is, you guessed it: stop using disposable paper and plastic bags and instead choose a reusable a cloth tote bag. Incidentally, Action Step Number Two in my 24 Point Action Plan for How to Drink Beer and Save the World, as described in my book, is: Walk Lightly and Carry a Cloth Sack (which looks like it was just featured in July/Aug 2007 issue of Zymurgy magazine). Check out the book to read about why both paper and plastic bags are pretty bad choices environmentally when compared to a reusable organic cotton bag.

Now get out there and start eating. We want that money.

Oh yeah, one more thing. You can cast one vote without even purchasing anything and you get a coupon for a free cup of yogurt.


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