Nice Day for an Organic Beer Wedding, on the Discovery Health Channel

Sara SnowSave the Date: 10pm EST, July 25, 2007

That’s when a special hour-long episode of “Get Fresh with Sara Snow” airs on the Discovery Health Channel. The episode is all about a “green” wedding. Back in May they invited me to be on the show to brew organic beer with the groom.

My great fear is that the beer we brewed sucked. There were all kinds of technical snafus. Of course it’s easy enough to edit that out of the brewing part of the episode, but what if the guests hated the beer and they show someone’s horrible reaction on the final show, “Wow, that’s terrible. You brewed this crap? I’ll never try an organic homebrew again. I hope you two get a divorce!”

You might think I’m being paranoid but let’s just say that brewing circumstances were less than ideal and I really have doubts about the final product. Gulp.

Of course, I won’t know if I’ve become a TV-buffoon until the show actually airs, so if you want to see me embarrassed on national television, mark your calendar and check it out. If you miss the first airing, don’t worry. I’ve been told it will probably be aired several times. Great – so I get repeated showings of my lousing brewing…


3 Responses to Nice Day for an Organic Beer Wedding, on the Discovery Health Channel

  1. Dave says:

    Geez, I get anxious enough even without the pressure of being on TV! Especially about yeast and/or contamination. Yesterday, i was brewing one of my typical high-gravity ales, so I mixed up a starter with a Wyeast packet (Scottish ale) and some dried malt extract. After six hours, it showed no activity, and I remembered that that the yeast had been part of a shipment that had taken a week to arrive via UPS during the middle of a heat wave – the cold pack was quite warm when it arrived. So I added a couple packets of dry yeast (good ol’ Cooper’s) to the starter, and it began to work right away. Whew! So into the brew bucket it went, along with the cooled wort.

    Five hours later, I discovered the lid of the bucket lying in the floor half-way across the room, and the brew bubbling furiously. I actually had to install a blow-off tube in a bucket fermenter, with four inches of air space between the lid and the brew! Guess I needn’t have worried about the efficacy of the yeast.

    The moral? “Relax. Don’t Worry. Have a homebrew.”

  2. beeractivist says:

    Dave – Good moral!

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