Ontario Craft Brewers

What a great idea! Ed Lee emailed to tell me about a new group blog/podcast site for the Ontario Craft Brewers. This is really my favorite way to see blogs being used – as a way to bring people together and accomplish something impossible to achieve individually.

Their blog gathers some 29 craft brewers from all over Ontario to share thoughts about their common passion: brewing great beer. Not more than an instant into surfing the site I already discovered something of interest, another new organic brewer!

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company uses organic malt in their flagship Lug-Tread “lagered ale” – a beer brewed with ale yeast and fermented at ale temps but followed up with a lengthy lagering period. Seems kinda weird and kinda like something I’d really like to try.

Nelson BrewingSpeaking of organic beers from Canada, another email I received today directed me to the Nelson Brewing Company, a certified organic brewery in British Columbia. I learned about this from Jon Steinman who wrote a kind review of my book, Fermenting Revolution, in Off Center Magazine and has now scheduled an interview with me for the Deconstructing Dinner radio show which airs on CJLY in Nelson, BC, Canada.

But back to Ontario for a minute. Ed also pointed out that the Ontario brewers are sponsoring a contest called “Be an Ontario Craft Brewer for a Day.” Visit the Ontario Craft Brewers Association website for deets on that.


5 Responses to Ontario Craft Brewers

  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for spreading the good word.


    Steve Beauchesne

  2. beeractivist says:

    Steve – thank you for spreading the good wort!


  3. Mike Driscoll says:

    This fall F&M will be producing Harvest Ale for the Neighbourhood Pubs Group (Woolwich Arms, Bow and Arrow) from locally grown, organic, malt and hops, and, Nickelbrook will be using locally grown hops in their Lager. Just a start to restore an Ontario malt and hops industry!

  4. beeractivist says:


    Thanks for sharing this news. I’m going to have to get me up to Ontario one of these days.


  5. […] What better place to hold this than Toronto, a town filled with local beer! […]

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