Knitspeak: Knit a Beer Cozy, Save the World

KnitspeakCheck out my friend Andrea Berman-Price’s new book called Knitspeak: an A to Z Guide to the Language of Knitting Patterns. It comes out this September.

Andrea read the “24 Point Action Plan for Drinking Beer and Saving the World” in my book Fermenting Revolution, and she liked the idea so much that she came up with her own list for knitters. Here are a few of her tips (some are paraphrased).

Knitters for Glacial Ice Restoration Licketty-Split (Knitter GIRLS)
Suggestions for Saving the World through Knitting

  1. Replace shopping with knitting as a form of entertainment
  2. Turn down the thermostat and wear sweaters, hats, socks, scarves, leg-warmers, vests, or knitted underwear.
  3. Cuddle under an afghan at night on the sofa or in bed
  4. Knit with low-impact organic wool or hemp colored with natural dyes
  5. Use yarn from a thrift shop
  6. Darn socks when they sprout holes
  7. Knit a string bag for groceries
  8. Unravel a sweater and reuse the yarn
  9. Instead of driving, take public transport so you have more time for knitting
  10. and my favorite one . . . Knit a beer cozy!

2 Responses to Knitspeak: Knit a Beer Cozy, Save the World

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  2. Eric Jones says:

    Love the blog. Thanks for the post. I’m going to bookmark your blog and check back often.

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