Delocator: Find locally-owned coffee shops, bookstores, theatres

Any time I travel, I look for local brewpubs and breweries. So a few weeks ago I added a section of links over in the right hand column called “Find local beer.” I used to reference the listings on but have since fallen in love with the beer mapping project, which takes the static listings on beertown a step further by pinpointing brewery locations on interactive google maps.

delocatorLast Saturday we drove from Washington D.C. to Emerald Isle, North Carolina, so I used the beer maps to find a brewpub where we could stop for lunch on the way down. Bingo, we hit Ham’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Greenville, NC where we had a quick sandwich and a sampler of excellent beers.

I just found another cool tool that lets you find locally-owned bookstores, coffee shops, and theaters. It’s called “delocator.” Like the beer maps project, it relies on users to help create the content, tapping the vast “local” knowledge databank of the population at large to develop a very comprehensive and up to date resource.

This means you have no good reason to ever visit a Starbucks or Barnes and Noble ever again.


2 Responses to Delocator: Find locally-owned coffee shops, bookstores, theatres

  1. Espresso Monkey Mel says:

    I love the Delocator! It is pure brilliance. I use it every time I go out of town to find independent cafes, breweries, etc. so that I won’t be stuck drinking Starbuck’s Coffee. Please add your favorite local spots to this site so that I can enjoy the greatness of your home towns if I ever get a chance to go there. Now if only we could put more independent coffee shops in airports! That would really make traveling by plane more enjoyable.

  2. beeractivist says:

    Mel – Or how about we get the airlines to serve fair trade, organic coffee?

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