Get Your Can On: International Canned Beer Month

ICBMMel, the Minnesota Beer Activist, emailed to let me know that August is International Canned Beer Month (ICBM).

Well, it’s called International but judging from the events listed on the website it seems like it’s more like Minnesota Canned Beer Month. Perhaps there is a little cross-border action happening up in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

In any case, the concept is pretty straight forward. It started in 2001 as a way “to transform August into a month worth celebrating.”

Who is ICBM?
Canned Beer Drinkers: anyone who enjoys drinking beer out of a can;
Canned Beer Artists: anyone who enjoys creating artwork using canned beers (not sure if that means they drink canned beer while they create art or they use beer cans to create art, or maybe both).

Where is ICBM?
Canned beer can be drunk anywhere, anytime!

Upcoming events include a “rock show” tonight, a canned beer art show this Saturday, bicycling, softball and more.

Canned beer has some things going for it. First of all, the lining now being used in cans makes that “canned” beer taste a thing of the past. Plus, there are now several fine craft breweries canning their beer. Just a few weeks ago I attended a tasting with the brewer/owner of Oskar Blues – the first micro to get canned. Plus, canned beer has some noteworthy environmental attributes. More than 50% of the aluminum used in cans is recycled content. And recycling aluminum is vastly more efficient than recycling glass. Plus, aluminum is much lighter and more compact than glass bottles which means it takes less energy to transport it. I wrote a whole section about the environmental benefits of cans versus bottles in my book Fermenting Revolution.

So, go on, get your can on!


5 Responses to Get Your Can On: International Canned Beer Month

  1. Bad Ben says:

    I had some Old Chubb IPA in a can…it was delicious.

  2. My favorite canned beer right now is Fat Cat!

    Their slogan: “We gottit made!

    Ingredients: Malt, hops, water, bla bla bla what more can I tell ya? It’s just plain ol’ good beer!

    Brewed & Canned By MDII, Monroe, WI

  3. beeractivist says:

    Ben – Old Chubb is the “first” canned micro that I referred to above. I was definitely impressed when I first tasted it,

    Mel – took me a while to find Fat Cat online. Then I discovered that it is brewed by Minhas Brewery, purveyors of other such fermented delicacies as “Hi Test” malt liquor and “Rock Head” malt liquor. Mmm, looks like quality quaffs.

  4. Megan says:

    I’ve been drinking some Surly bender in a can…

    This beer is an amalgamation of styles; brown/porter/apa. Five distinct malts, including two from Belgium, give this beer added complexity and depth. We also add oatmeal to this beer to give it a smooth texture not usually associated with this type of beer. We add large amounts of American finishing hops to give Bender a citrus hop aroma because… we like hops. This is a session beer weighing in around 5% alcohol and 25 IBUs. Grab one today, we think you will want another!

    Beer Activist is now listed on the ICBM home page as one of our affililiates. Chris-when you are in Minneapolis next, we should set up some beer tasting at Bedlam Theatre…they have some excellent beer on tap.

  5. beeractivist says:

    Megan- Ah, I’ve heard tell of the Surly Cans. They sound delicious. Are samples in the mail? 🙂

    Actually, I plan to visit MN in September. Would love to connect! I’ll email you offline.


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