Where Is Underage Drinking Legal?

Besides the US, there are only three countries that prohibit drinking under the age of 21, except for those that prohibit alcohol altogether. However, I recently learned that underage drinking is legal in 30 states under certain circumstances. But I couldn’t find a list of which states allow and which prohibit.

Keith, over at the Brainard Brewing blog, alerted me to this great interactive map that shows the drinking age laws in every state. Click on the image below to go to the interactive version of the map on MSNBC.com where you can click on a state and it will tell you whether underage possession and consumption is totally prohibited or if it is allowed with a spouse or guardian or if – this one is really surprising – it is “allowed in a private setting.” Wow! I never knew.

drinking age map


3 Responses to Where Is Underage Drinking Legal?

  1. satjiwan says:

    In a recent Beltway drunk driving fatalities, the (underage) driver had been charged with DUI a year earlier. Maybe it wouldn’t have happened had her license been suspended for 5 years, like in Norway…

    “Underage drivers who test at .02 or above will be charged with being younger than 21 and driving after illegally consuming alcohol. The so-called baby DUI law, punishable by a six-month driver’s license forfeiture and a $500 fine,”

    “Thackston was charged under the baby DUI law May 4, 2006, when she was pulled over by police on the Fairfax County Parkway in Herndon. She pleaded guilty after her blood alcohol tested at .04. She was fined $100, and her license was suspended for six months, court records show.”



    q&a: deals mostly with the VA drunk driving threshold for underage drivers, and not the bigger issue of repeat drunk drivers and stronger drunk driving laws.


  2. […] See my next post for a map of states with corresponding underage drinking […]

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