Best Brewery in Milwaukee?

A few months ago I visited Lakefront Brewery. I was impressed by their beer, their environmental performance, and their commitment to Wisconsin and Milwaukee culture. Some highlights:

  • they are a Travel Green Wisconsin certified location
  • they brew a great organic ESB that not only uses organic malt but also organic hops
  • they are growing organic hops in Wisconsin – the first commercial hops to be grown in Wisconsin for decades!
  • They have the Laverne and Shirley song playing on tape in front of the bottling line, with lyrics posted on the wall!
  • they partner with another Wisconsin business who uses their brew vessels to make organic teas.

organic esb

When I visited, the owner and several staff showed me such incredible Milwaukee-style hospitality that it is now my turn to what little I can to repay them – vote for them as the best brewery in Milwaukee. The competition? Miller and Sprecher. You be the judge. Just go here and vote.


5 Responses to Best Brewery in Milwaukee?

  1. Espresso Monkey Mel says:

    Lake Front Brewery gives the best tours around. That alone is worth a trip to Milwaukee. They have my vote!

  2. beeractivist says:

    The Laverne and Shirley singalong is the best part!

  3. Greg Siering says:

    I must say that I’ve enjoyed Sprecher and have stopped there in my trips to Milwaukee… but must put Lake Front on my list for the next visit. But I’ll have to give the nod to Lake Front, just for their organic ESB and the Laverne and Shirley angle!

  4. beeractivist says:

    Indeed, Sprecher certainly deserves some props too. I’ve been wanting to try their new African-inspired beers but haven’t seen them around anywhere yet.

  5. sterling says:

    What breweries are using GMO’s ?

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