Naked Defiance, So Much Better than Chanting Slogans

This morning I noticed that someone had arrived at my blog by searching for the phrase: “naked photo session green peace activist.”

Intrigued, I googled that phrase, partly curious to see what page on my site showed up in the results, but also because I was intrigued to find whatever the person was actually seeking.

Turns out that Greenpeace is carrying on a tradition that became popular at the beginning of the Iraq war – peace activists bearing witness by baring it all. Greenpeace organized a publicity stunt in the Swiss Alps at the Aletsch Glacier that involved 600 people getting naked in order to draw attention to global warming.

Click the photo to read the article and watch a video of the event. Warning, the images contain lots more naked people.

Naked activists

What’s this got to do with beer? Check out my recent post about how beer is helping to slow climate change.

This story did make me think about my own lack of personal action to stop global warming and the war (which is largely about oil and therefore global warming). I do a lot in my job promoting renewable energy and I live a relatively low-impact lifestyle compared to many Americans, but I haven’t engaged in any public demonstrations lately. Maybe I’ve just been sitting around drinking too much beer. But nude protests? That would get me back out in the streets. Add some beer to it and you’d really have my attention. Hey, now there’s an idea!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what I had on my site that lead that web-searcher astray, it was my post in this month’s Session about Mfula Mfula homebrew in South Africa. Go figure.


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