Beer-Drinking Kids Music that Rocks

Duke PuddintownDo you have kids? Do you hate the music you have to listen to with them, like the f-ing Wiggles? Over and over and over again until you want to twist the hair out of your skull in big clumps? Does it make you really want a tall cool one?

Greg LoopThe solution is Duke Puddintown, the new album by Greg Loop. He used to be in great punk rock bands like The Big Thing and B.I.T.O.A. Now he charms children with his rockin’ tunes. He also has a distinct predilection for good beer. If you know the brand of beer he references in the Big Thing song called “Highway 33,” post it in a comment – first correct answer gets a free signed copy of my book. Hint, the song title is a clue. Oh, and while I’m giving away books for obscure drinking-related references in old punk songs, I’ll also give you a book if you know what the band acronym B.I.T.O.A. means (and no googling allowed – I’m trusting you).

fistWhile I’m doing shout outs to old punks, I’ll also mention A. Thomas Crawley, an old roomie of mine whose design website I just discovered (like Greg, he was also in an old obscure punk band called Ipecac). Thomas happens to be a teetotaler, but he’s not evangelical about it, and he’s an all-round good guy anyway (he never got mad when my homebrew bottles exploded in the kitchen when we lived together) and he publishes an awesome comic book called Karma-Coated Chocolate Fist – unlike Puddintown, these comics are not aimed at children, unless your goal is to freak out the kids, that is.


6 Responses to Beer-Drinking Kids Music that Rocks

  1. Jim Quinn says:

    Do not really know but the ’33 compells me to say Rolling Rock-
    (Though I have eliminated the brew from my vocabulary).

  2. Dave Bonta says:

    Greg Loop??? Now there’s a name out of the past! Hey, I’m thrilled to hear that he’s still doing creative stuff (and that he hasn’t gone all AA and shit). I always admired his energy.

    In reference to your former roomate, who I don’t believe I’ve ever met, I imagine a lot of old punks must be doing stuff on the web now. It’s such a good fit with the whole DIY ethos.

  3. beeractivist says:

    Jim – you win. Shoot me your contact info using the contact form on the site.

    Dave – He says he’s still rocking with Dave Passmore too. I’m hoping for a trip to the burgh one of these days to visit brewpubs with them. Interested?

  4. Dave Bonta says:

    Yeah, that’d be awesome.

  5. Keith W. Not the other fellow says:

    Whale Oil Beef Hooked!

    Booze is the only answer for me, but I don’t remember any punk bands with that name.

    But then, I have “sometimers” with respect to that period of my life.

  6. beeractivist says:

    Keith W. Not the Other Fellow:

    Congratualtions! You guessed it. Emailing you offline to coordinate details.


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