An Academic Symposium Returns to Alcohol

Alcohol in the Atlantic WorldAccording to Etymology Online, the term “symposium” came from the Greek for “drinking party” or “convivial gathering of the educated.” I expect that will be the case at this upcoming conference: Alcohol in the Atlantic World, at York University in Toronto, October 24-27, 2007.

Here’s a description from the event website:

Since humans discovered the effects that could be derived from alcohol there has been interest in its economic and social benefits as well as its negative effects on individuals and society. Yet the systematic study of alcohol in its varied historical and sociological manifestations is still in its infancy since it is usually relegated only to discussions of morality and sensational journalism.

Alcohol in the Atlantic World: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives is an international workshop aimed at exploring the ways in which alcohol provided a mechanism for integrating the Atlantic world, viz, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

What better place to hold this than Toronto, a town filled with local beer!


4 Responses to An Academic Symposium Returns to Alcohol

  1. Jim Quinn says:

    What a great Symposium!

    I don’t recall if you cited the book “Force of Habit” by David T. Cortwright, Harvard, 2001, in “your “Fermenting Revolution” book.

    It provides a wealth of historic perspective on the social and economic factors at play in the business of alcohol and drugs.

    Do you need a chaperone for this trip??

  2. Hazel says:

    Oh this is brilliant, etymology, ancient history and BEER! Great post.

  3. beeractivist says:

    Jim – hadn’t seen that book. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

    Hazel – thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the post.


  4. Zackary says:

    nice ill be back to check up on updates

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