Climate Change Score Card for Breweries

My colleagues at Climate Counts have rated the big three brewers (Anheuser-Busch, Molson Coors, and SABMiller) on how well they are addressing their impact on global warming.

The scorecard covers four areas: 1) whether the company has conducted a review of their own contributions to warming; 2) what they’ve done to reduce their impact; 3) whether they have a helpful policy stance on climate change; and 4) whether they report to the public on their impact and initiatives.

climate counts beerSABMiller is the clear leader with a score almost equal to the combined scores of A-B and Molson Coors. A snapshot of the total scores is to the left. Complete scorecards on each company are available on the Climate Counts website.

Some noteworthy discoveries in the scorecards.

  • Coors was actually awarded negative five points out of a possible ten in the policy category becasue they were found to support policies that actually prevent progress on climate change.
  • SABMiller scored pretty decently in the review and report sections, earning 14/22 and 8/12 respectively; but they earned a dismal zero in the policy category.
  • A-B has likewise made no moves to support any positive policies on climate change, although they did conduct a one time review of their own impact and have taken some steps to reduce energy usage.

You can contact each company with a customizable auto-generated email about their Climate Counts score, just click on their respective names below.

Send a climate change letter to:

Climate Counts has also rated leading companies in other sectors, such as: Food, Apparel, Electronics and more.


6 Responses to Climate Change Score Card for Breweries

  1. Spencer says:

    How does Inbev score on this rating system?

  2. beeractivist says:


    Good question. It looks like you’ll have to ask Climate Counts to rate them. The three companies above are the only ones they’ve got on the scorecard. They’ve scored a few dozen other non-beer companies though. Just click through on one of the links above to their website to see the complete scoring system and all the companies they’ve scored.


  3. […] this month Chris O’Brien reported that Climate Change gives the largest breweries low marks when it comes to addressing their impact on global warming. I […]

  4. Stonch says:

    Why does InBev get let off the hook? 😉

  5. beeractivist says:

    Stonch: Good question. I think it is because they focused on grading the breweries with the biggest interests in the U.S. Presumably, InBev’s sales are still relatively small in the U.S. compared to these three, although it seems like they are growing quite a bit. I’d be curious to see how InBev stacks up. Maybe I’ll email these folks and see if they can add them to the scorecard.


  6. […] way of comparing the climate performance of companies against each other. But Climate Counts, who I blogged about here, provides a handy scorecard ranking three of the major brewers. SABMiller came out on top, followed […]

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