Beer Activist Reunion in Minnesota

I’m heading to Minneapolis-St. Paul for a workshop with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. I work with some of their good folks on their responsible purchasing efforts.

This business trip was the perfect excuse to hook up with Mel, the Minnesota Beer Activist, who I first met when she visited us in Ethiopia on a trip for the fair trade/organic coffee company where she works, called Peace Coffee. Read Mel’s posts on this blog by clicking on the link over in the categories listing in the right hand column.

Autumn Brew ReviewApparently she’s rallied a band of beer activists in honor of my visit, including folks from Peace Coffee and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, for a weekend of drinking beer and saving the world.

Saturday we’ll be hitting up the Minnesota Brewers’ Guild Autumn Brew Review. Apparently online tickets have already sold out for this event, so if you’re thinking of going, you best be gettin’ your bad beer-drinking self down to one of the participating brewpubs to lay claim to any tickets that may remain.

Then on Sunday we’ll be doing a beer-bar crawl by bike, potentially including stops at the Bedlam Theatre for brunch (advance shout out to Megan and Jim for loaning us a bike!), Acadia Cafe, Common Roots Cafe, and if we’re still standing (or peddling) we might even go bowling!

If you live anywhere near the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and want to join us at some point along the way, give me a holler using this contact form.

I’m really looking forward to trying some of the MN beers that I’ve heard so much about, like Surly, Flat Earth, and Town Hall. Long live Minnesota beer.


2 Responses to Beer Activist Reunion in Minnesota

  1. Liz says:

    Although I already have day plans on Sunday – there is a good chance we will be stopping by for brunch in the morning. Hope I get to meet you, but if not, welcome to MN and have a great weekend.

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