Clipper City Supporting Vets

Clipper City Brewing in Baltimore is donating a portion of their profits to the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to support efforts aimed at rehabilitating veterans returning home to Maryland from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We are making this our primary charitable initiative for the next twelve months,” said Hugh Sisson, founder of Clipper City.  “Our injured young people returning from war should be a major priority for all American citizens and we feel compelled to do what we can as a small business to assist in their recovery and their return to a productive lifestyle.”

According to the brewery’s press release:

About 24 million living Americans have served in the armed forces, with nearly 18 million wearing the uniforms of the U.S. military during times of war and conflict.  In Maryland alone, over 3,200 returning veterans have already enrolled for care throughout the VA Maryland Health Care System.  The funds generated from Clipper City’s efforts will be used to support transportation, emergency lodging, outreach efforts and child care costs associated with the health care needs of returning veterans throughout the state.

I recently watched a documentary called The War Tapes. It was produced by a handful of soldiers in Iraq who volunteered to carry video cameras with them from their first day of duty until they went home a year later. The results were edited into this documentary. After watching it, I was left with the distinct impression that war isn’t over when soldiers come home. Their lives are messed up for a long time. Helping vets cope with ‘normal’ civilian life is a worthy cause.

In case Clipper City’s fall seasonals, Winter Storm and Below Decks, are not enough to convince you to buy their beers and support this cause, here’s a trailer of The War Tapes which should really make you want to help out by doing something as easy as drinking beer. It might even make you want to volunteer somewhere helping out veterans.


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