Anheuser-Busch Uses GMO Rice in Budweiser

According to a press release from Greenpeace International, Anheuser-Busch, America’s largest beer marketer, is using experimental genetically modified rice to brew its flagship beer: Budweiser.

Check out this spoof advertisement they created to draw attention to the stupidity of using GM rice in beer.

An independent laboratory, commissioned by Greenpeace, detected the presence of GE rice (Bayer LL601) in three out of four samples taken at a mill operated by the mega-brewer. Since 2006, GE contamination has been found in approximately 30 percent of US rice stocks, negatively impacting the US rice industry because foreign markets have not approved GE rice.

“Beer drinkers need Anheuser-Busch to explain why it is not preventing use of this genetically-engineered rice in the US. If, as the company has informed Greenpeace, all of the Budweiser exported from the US or manufactured outside of the US is guaranteed GE free then Anheuser-Busch needs to state this publicly, and explain the double standard,” said Doreen Stabinsky, Greenpeace International GE Campaigner.

LL601 GE rice was retroactively granted approval by the US Dept of Agriculture in an effort to reduce public concern and company liability despite 15,000 public objections. Anheuser-Busch is the largest single rice buyer in the US, buying 6-10% of the annual US rice crop. Budweiser is one of only a few American beers to use rice as an adjunct ingredient. The brand is found in around 60 countries through a mix of exports and local brewing arrangements.

Don’t want GM beer? Send this letter to A-B expressing your disapproval and asking them to stop using it, like they already have in their brewery in China. It’s easy to send. Just click on the link, type in your name, and hit send!

3 Responses to Anheuser-Busch Uses GMO Rice in Budweiser

  1. Chad Patterson says:

    Dear Anheiser-Bucsh:

    I am writing to ask why you are using GMO rice in your beer in the US yet you are not in other parts of the world.Stop this at once as I am not buying anymore if your beer until you do. To further, this I am asking for a public apology.


    Chad Patterson

  2. Bob NewFart says:

    If your drinking beer in a large enough quantity to care about this. THEN STOP DRINKING ALL TOGETHER.. haha

  3. Cory says:

    Why are you using rice in your beer anyway? Cheap watered down shit.

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