National Organic Homebrew Challenge: And the Winners Are . . .

Woo-hoo! Two homebrewers get to brew their award-winning homebrew recipes at two of America’s finest organic breweries. These are the lucky (and apparently skilled) winners of Seven Bridges’ first annual National Organic Homebrew Challenge.

Congratulations to Larry Lynch-Freshner from Boulder Creek, CA for Best of Show and Grand Prize winner of the western division for his organic “Bad Weather Barley Wine.” Larry gets to brew his recipe with the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery.

Congratulations also to Richard Lawrence from North Falmouth, MA, the Grand Prize winner of the eastern division for his organic “Wu Wei Wit.” Lawrence gets to brew his recipe with the Otter Creek Brewing Company (makers of Wolaver’s Organic beers).

For a complete list of the contest winners, click here. And mark you calendar now for next year’s National Organic Homebrew Challenge.


The judges pictured here were hard at work tasting and scoring entries in the Nat’l Organic Homebrew Challenge. Thanks to all the judges and stewards for their hard work, and to Gordon Biersch for the space.


6 Responses to National Organic Homebrew Challenge: And the Winners Are . . .

  1. kvh says:

    HA! I totally see my bottle, AND the box I mailed them in to the competition in that photo –

    I didn’t score too highly, but it was good feedback on an untested brew…


  2. beeractivist says:

    Practice makes perfect. I hope the feedback was helpful and encouraging. If you want more feedback and tips from other homebrewers you could attend one of the meetings of B.U.R.P., which is the big homebrew club here in the DC area. I just went to their real ale festival yesterday – what fun! Forty some real ales all being served through hand pumps. Probably the most incredible real ale gathering in all of North America. Check out their website here:


  3. Astrid says:

    Organic brewed sounds good and healthy. I suppose there is nothing genetic modfied in this beer. But I heared that even if you think you have no genetic modified seeds they can be contamined. Tests showed that the GE crops make their way to the environment even if they are oly be used in a “secure” area. GE freaks me out!

  4. Eva-Down-Under says:

    Sounds good to me, I don’t want to have GE crops, seed or anything which is contamined by GE in my beer. We didn’t need GE in the past and I reckon we can deal without GE in the future. I will stop drinking beer, if there are any ingredients which are contamined by GE in my beer.

  5. E to the N says:

    yooooo dude…what the hell…there is some weird stuff in my Budweiser???? GE stuff, yo, how can that be!! I heard about that on the news and now here…can’t the cops do something against it – isn’t that illegal!! yo, I won’t touch beer in a while!! Thats crime and ruins my entire weekends, yo!!

  6. B to the M says:

    @ E to the N: yoooo dude! I totally agree wth ya bro! Pure beer without some unatural shit in it, that`s the real deal!

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