Ancient Irish Ale

A very intriguing story just appeared in Wired magazine about beer on the Emerald Isle (thanks to Dave at Via Negativa for passing this on to me).

Irish Ale

The story goes like this: about five thousand mounds have been discovered all over Ireland; they are called fulacht fiadh. Essentially, they are rectangular troughs surrounded by burnt stones, located near streams. They date to between 1500-500 BCE.

Archaeologists have never been able to figure them out. So a couple of archaeologists researching these things get drunk one night. One of them wakes up the next morning with a bad hangover. Pondering the mysterious pit-mounds as his head pounds, he has his eureka moment: the troughs were brewing vessels!

Read the whole store here.


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  1. qarrtsiluni says:

    I love that you have a category for “ancient beer.”

  2. fishing store…

    […]Ancient Irish Ale « Beer Activist[…]…

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