Coast Brewing: “Local, Creative, Organic”


My friend and fellow beer writer Martin Morse Wooster alerted me to an article by Nicole Cendrowski in the Jan/Feb edition of Southern Brewing news about a new microbrewery in North Charleston, South Carolina called Coast Brewing. Husband-wife owners David Merritt and Jaime Tenny say they brew with organic malts, some organic hops and local ingredients when possible. And they run their boiler on biodiesel from Southeast BioDiesel which is where Jaime works.

Asked why they are trying to run a ‘green’ brewery Jaime says:

There’s really no other way for us to approach it. How could we live our lives one way and run our business another? . . . At the end of the day, we want to be content with or decisions. We think it’s possible to go green and run a profitable business.

There grand opening bash featured BBQ served on biodegradable plates and a bin for compost. But David and Jaime channel their activism toward other worthy goals too, like the grassroots advocacy group Pop the Cap which was formed to lift the ban on beer containing more than 5% ABW in South Carolina. The good news is they already won! Hope they have the same kind of success with their brewery.

Until they get their website up and running, South Carolina beer fans can visit the Coast Brewing blog for more details on company and info about where to find their beers.

Oh, and did I mention they also sell homebrew supplies? These guys are cool!


2 Responses to Coast Brewing: “Local, Creative, Organic”

  1. Graham says:

    Organic Beer and Hops. Fascinating article. When I was a lad in the ’60’s I worked on a Hop Farm in the Weald of Kent in the UK. There were hundreds of Hop Farms then, now there are a handful. We have put together a website over the years where we you identify the few organic beers I can find that are available in the UK.
    Consumer Pages.
    Quick Search – Alcohol – Beer = 24 about.
    Industry pages
    Producer Search – Crops – Hops = 4 only!
    There must be more, surely?

  2. […] in their concern for the environment. In Chris O’Brien’s Beer Activist Blog, his post on “Coast brewing: Local, Creative, Organic” talks about a new microbrewery in North Charleston called Coast Brewing. The owners, David […]

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