West Virginia Organic Hop Farm

Bryan George at Brykar Ridge farm in Spencer, West Virginia emailed me inquiring if I knew folks who might be interested in contracting for organic hops. I bet he’ll find some takers so I’m posting his solicitation here on the blog. Basically, just contact him to start a conversation about varieties and volumes.

He is currently growing organic produce of various kinds in addition to his vineyard that produces half a dozen varieties of grapes for a boutique winery.

His website is right here. Check it out and get in touch. Let’s get some organic hops growing here in the Mid-Atlantic!

Brykar Ridge


6 Responses to West Virginia Organic Hop Farm

  1. Benjamin Blevins says:

    Hey, Organicfarmergeorge.com wasnt working but Im a fellow beer revolutionary from virginia trying to get my hands on some organic female hop rhizomes! blevinsbl@vcu.edu
    cheers, viva la revolucion

  2. beeractivist says:

    Ben – yes, it looks like the farmer George website is down. Not sure why. Seven Bridges (www.breworganic.com) sells organic hop rhizomes. They may be already gone for the year, but it’d be worth checking.

    Happy hopping,

  3. […] also working with a local farm in Maine to grow some small-scale organic hops. Then there was the farmer in West Virginia who contacted me about growing organic hops […]

  4. Patrick says:

    I live in Glenville, WV and just started growing hops. This year I won’t have too much, but in the years to come I expect to have 20 pounds or so each of Cascade, Chinook, Hallertauer, Goldings, and Willamette.

    • Joe Gorman says:

      I’m planning on doing some research on hop growing with West Virginia State University and would be interested to hear what challenges growers have faced – anything: from pests, to what varieties have and haven’t worked, to how to better process, market and distribute hops.

    • Jim Cooper says:

      Patrick, I’m in Troy, WV also growing hops. Cascades are doing great, but Magnums are poor. You have any luck with another flovoring hop?

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