Awakening the Best in the Human Spirit

OmegaThat’s what the Rhinebeck, NY-based Omega Institute strives to do. And this coming September they’ll show how organic homebrewing is one path to such an awakening when I’ll be offering a two night, two-day intensive course in beer culture, sustainability and brewing.

From the course listing in their catalog:

During the past three decades, beer drinkers and homebrewers have quietly conducted a transformation within the beer industry, reclaiming traditions as old as human society itself by taking beer and brewing back from corporations and putting them where they rightly belong—in the kitchen and the local brewpub.

Led by beer activist Chris O’Brien, we gain hands-on basic knowledge of brewing, including how to select equipment and ingredients, prepare the yeast, boil the brew, and add the hops. We brew our own beer while learning the global cultural history of beer and brewing, including the central roles women, spirituality, and health and medicine have played. We also explore how the modern microbrewing movement has transformed brewing from industrial and exploitative to community centered and sustainable.

Space is limited. Get the details and enroll online.


One Response to Awakening the Best in the Human Spirit

  1. Kiko says:

    Susana forwarded me your message. I think I have something going on the same Saturday (sept 20th) but I still don’t know. I could go on Friday for sure. When do you need a final answer?

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