Some Guys Have All the Luck

Terry Bishop is a lucky bastard.

First of all, he runs his own business, Bishop Brand, selling punk rock records, books and movies out of his basement. Okay, so that’s not all just about luck. He probably works his ass off and barely eeks out a living.

But, he’s also lucky because he lives about five minutes down the road from a great brewpub in Phoenixville, PA called Sly Fox Brewing. I’ve spent a couple memorable afternoons and evenings there with him and wish I had that kind of brewpub just minutes from where I lay my head.

But let’s talk about real luck. We’re talking the luck o’ the Irish here. Since Terry lives so close to Sly Fox and loves good beer as much as he loves punk rock records, he signed up in January for the Sly Fox’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Boot Camp. Boot Camp is basically a customer loyalty program with prizes. The more you go to the pub between January and March 17th, the more raffle tickets you get.

St. Patrick’s Day arrives. Terry and his wife Amy go to the pub for the raffle drawing. Terry claims: “I go to the Phoenixville pub several times a week.” But I know the truth. Terry goes there just about every damn night. So his raffle tickets had accumulated mightily. His chances of winning something were above average. It’s a wise approach – hedge sheer luck with lots of hard work, i.e. drinking at the pub every night.

The hard work paid off. “My wife was checking the numbers and when they went up on the board, we, and everybody else, just went crazy.” The luck bastard won the grand prize – a trip for two to Ireland.

Congratulations Terry and Amy!

Boot Camp Winners
Pictured: Sly Fox owner Pete Giannopoulos, Terry Bishop, Amy Coleman, and Sly Fox bar manager Corey Reid.


5 Responses to Some Guys Have All the Luck

  1. TB says:

    Thanks Chris. Bootcamp was just Wednesday night at the Phoenixville S.F. and Thursday nights at the Royersford S.F. I went to Wednesday nights, whereas some people went to both nights to get max raffle tickets, so I guess you could say we were VERY lucky to win the grand prize. Support your good local craft brewers and thanks to the Sly Fox!

  2. beeractivist says:

    Hey Terry,

    Yeah, I know it was only one night per week but I took some poetic license in trying to make you look like a lush. Forgive me.

    And enjoy the trip you lucky bastard!


  3. Keith says:

    Ah, yes! Sly Fox is a great establishment. I’m lucky enough to work about 3 miles from the place. It makes for a great Happy Hour with the guys after work and even my girlfriend enjoys their brews. I gotta say, I love living in this area where there are plenty of breweries to be enjoyed.

  4. beeractivist says:

    Keith, I missed this comment or I would have told you that I was in Phoenixville last weekend and visited Sly Fox not once but twice!


  5. Reman says:

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