Flying Dogs on the Attack

They can smell your fear. The dogs, that is. The fear grips after the realization that the weakest mutt in the pack barks a snarling 8.5% alcohol by volume and it’s called a Tripel. Yes, the new Kerberos Tripel is actually the lightest beer in Flying Dog’s new Canis Major Mixed Four Pack.

I’m hoping to avoid wimpering away with my tail between my legs at the end of this night so I’ll probably just have the Tripel, and maybe the Gonzo Imperial Porter, which itself registers a 9.2% ABV on the bite-o-meter (at least that’s what the label says, but the Beer Information Chart that came with my beers says 7.8% and so does their website). In any case, I’m trying to stick with the beers that won’t leave teeth marks on my Tuesday night.

The Kerberos Tripel delivers what its name promises, a three-headed hell hound reminiscent of the strong Belgian golden ales from which it derives its style designation. It starts out sweet like a cuddly puppy dog but soon erupts in a hot alcoholic growl that threatens to burn out the insides until a quick, dry finish douses the flames.

Flying Dog swaggered away from the recent World Beer Cup (which I was gleeful to be able to attend this time) with a paw-full of shiny metal objects. One of the medals was a Gold awarded for The Gonzo Imperial Porter in the American-style Imperial Stout category. The Dog also earned petting for the Old Scratch Amber Lager, receiving a Silver medal in the Amber Lager category and the Wild Goose IPA won a Gold in the English-style IPA category.

Speaking of the Gonzo Imperial Porter, click right here to read my previous review.


4 Responses to Flying Dogs on the Attack

  1. In 2007 we sent out our beers for independent ABV testing and the 7.8 is what the testing agency came back with.

    This was a wonderful blog entry, we love when people get creative. keep it up.


  2. Dave says:

    Do they give out awards for writing at these events? If so, you should enter some of these beerified reviews.

  3. […] Flying Dogs on the Attack « Beer Activist Beer review of our new Kerberos Tripel from Beer Activist (tags: flying_dog review kerberos) […]

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