Too Drunk to Vote?

Don't Drunk Vote, er Vote Drunk, I mean Don't Vote Drunk

Don't Drunk Vote, er Vote Drunk, I mean Don't Vote Drunk

A friend forwarded me this email from

Dear MoveOn member,

Put down your beer—you’ve got hear this.

In response to the funny, positive Obama ad we’re running right now on MTV and Comedy Central, right-wing radio host Michael Reagan went on an anti-young people rant Monday on CNN:
“Young voters… the night before every election, they go out on a binge—and they end up with a hangover. They end up not voting.”

Riiiiiight. I totally understand that all the right-wingers who are seeing their grasp on power slip away want to believe that. Just doesn’t happen to be true. (Plus, seriously, it’s not that hard to vote hungover.)

Let’s have some fun with this. Click below to take our new Young Voter Pledge: “I will not get soooo drunk on November 3rd that I am unable to vote on November 4th.”

Click here to take the “Young Voter Pledge.” Given the results of the past two presidential elections they may actually be onto something here. We need all the sober voters we can get this time around. The funny thing is that there is actually a website called


5 Responses to Too Drunk to Vote?

  1. deano says:

    this get drunk and vote 4 mccain.. doesn’t seem to be taking the piss at all.
    it seems to be run by right wingers.
    albeit right wingers who seem to be aware of how selfish it is to vote conservative/oil.
    its a wacky world…

    deano (australiano working towards a sustainable (beer) future for the world – hoping for political change in the US)

    ps. love ya book chris.

  2. deano says:

    stuck in politics still:

    check out this from an aussie paper: (John Howard was OUR ineffective/racist/fear tactics & security issue using PM(president) for 12+years until last year)

    “The truth is that, even three months out, the McCain campaign has shifted into the same gear that John Howard ran for the last three weeks of the 2007 campaign — assuming that, unless they could crack the opponent’s armour, a loss was virtually certain.

    His only real chance depends on getting national security issues, on which he enjoys a significantly higher rating, back in the headlines. But that would require something like, ohhh I don’t know, an attack on Iran and resulting chaos across the world. And what are the odds of that?”

    be alert super brewers… don’t let bushy beat war drums.

  3. beeractivist says:

    Deano – yes, the getdrunkandvote4mccain site is just that – an actual encouragement to get drunk and vote for McCain; ironic given the story about drunk youth missing the vote.

    Thanks for the kinds words about the book. I hope to visit the land down under one of these days and visit the cool green breweries going on in your neck of the woods.


  4. Maddison says:

    Really enjoyed reading this thank you!

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