Think Outside the Bottle

Pledge to Break the Bottled Water Habit

In the past decade, bottled water has become a convenience most Americans have come to take for granted. Homebrewers often use it in place of water from the tap. Likewise, coffee connoisseurs are reaching for the bottled stuff in attempts to brew great coffee at home.

Fact is, water is the biggest ingredient in both beer and coffee, so it makes sense to pay attention to its quality. But did you know that roughly half of bottled water is just tap water put in a bottle? And furthermore, that the health and safety regulations governing tap water are far more effective than those in place for bottled water – bottled water often is untested whereas there are free annual water quality reports available for all municipal tap water systems?

What’s more is that bottled water is an astounding 750-2,700 times more expensive than tap water.

Take a look at the new, free Responsible Purchasing Guide to Bottled Water Alternatives. Then take the Center for a New American Dream’s Pledge to Break the Bottled Water Habit.


2 Responses to Think Outside the Bottle

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for posting this bit. Bottled water does have a habit of flying under the Radar of Sustainability — it’s just so damn convenient! But it is important for us to realize the ramifications and realities of those purchases.

  2. beeractivist says:

    Mark – True, bottled water has flown under the radar for long enough. Cities, Counties and State governments are actually getting wise though. We’re working with many that are banning the public procurement of bottled water in replacing it with clean, safe, low-cost, tap water – saving lots of tax dollars while reducing unnecessary waste and energy use. Break the bottle!


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