Enroll Now: Beer, Brewing & Sustainability Weekend Course

Enroll now in my weekend course on Beer, Brewing, and Sustainability.

Enroll now in my weekend course on Beer, Brewing, and Sustainability.

I’m teaching a weekend-long course on Beer, Brewing, and Sustainability at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, a couple hours north of New York City. Enrollment numbers are limited for the course but there are a few last-minute spaces available. This is just two weekends from now, September 19-21, so sign up ASAP!

Enroll Now: Check out the course listing on the Omega Institute website for details and to sign up.

The course kicks off with a tasting and lecture on the history of beer Friday night. I just procured the beers we’ll be tasting that night and I can promise this is going to be a lot of fun! We’ll have about a dozen organic beers, plus a handful of other beers from breweries with great sustainability efforts.

Saturday we’ll learn how to make beer! And we’ll continue tasting some other specialties, and discuss the role of women, religion, and community in the history of beer and brewing. Sunday morning we’ll learn about traditional brewing styles from around the world with a slideshow of my brewing adventures on the beer frontier in Africa, Asia, and South America. And we’ll end the class with a Sunday morning beer toast!

Here are the details again. Sign up before it sells out. There are only a few spaces left.


3 Responses to Enroll Now: Beer, Brewing & Sustainability Weekend Course

  1. Scott says:

    wow. Sounds like a great weekend and Rhinebeck isn’t that far from me! Maybe next time. How often is this little seminar held?

  2. beeractivist says:

    This is the first time the course has been offered. If Omega invites me to do it again and I’m available, maybe we’ll do it again next year. Who knows?

    Perhaps I’ll see you this time! Or next?

    Chris O’

  3. satjiwan says:

    so, assuming our significant other is not interested in joining, what subterfuge tips do you have for getting away for such an enticing weekend?

    ps. i was recently in brooklyn and treated to a visit to Bierkraft, which has 12 local brews on tap for pressurized growler filling and groups their bottled beer by state/country. http://www.bierkraft.com/index.asp

    pps. and nyc has a craft brew fest next week: sept 12 -21: http://www.nycbeerweek.com/

    ppps. then of course there’s “BrewTopia” 10/31 and 11/1 for a more worldly brew fest (also in NYC), but featuring Flying Dog out of Frederick, MD: http://www.brewtopiafest.com/

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