Organic Hop Crop in Colorado

Glen Fuller's organic hop farm

Glen Fuller's Organic Hop Farm

The Delta County Independent (by way of Glen Fuller) reports on Glen’s successful crop of organic hops harvested a few weeks ago in North Fork Valley, Colorado.

I’m happy to see this emerging trend of a relocalizing and organic focus on hop production. Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery has been contracting with local farmers to grow hops in Wisconsin for an ‘all-Wisconsin’ beer they intend to brew. I’ve heard Peak Organic say they are also working with a local farm in Maine to grow some small-scale organic hops. Then there was the farmer in West Virginia who contacted me about growing organic hops there.

I’ve actually received quite a number of inquiries now about how to grow organic hops of how to buy my crop! Let me clarify on that point – I’m not a farmer and I’m not growing any organic hops (though my next door neighbor just harvested a couple pounds from his yard and so did one of my office mates!). However, I am an owner of the Seven Bridges Cooperative in Santa Cruz, CA and our company does sell organic hops. We sell mainly to homebrewers but we are also wholesaling to craft brewers who are dedicated to making certified organic beers. Chek our website for details ( and contact us if you are interested, supplies are limited.


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  1. Anne Glen Hobson says:

    Hi Glen, It was great to hear from you and I do hope we can get together sometime soon. When I get about better I will try to come see your farming enterprises and get to know you better. It has been so many years since we have seen each other in spite of being kin folk, but as you know I lived abroad for so many years while you were young that we missed that time frame. You are the same age as Bill, he was born in April and you later that same summer so your ages are close. The other boys are just a couple of years older than you two, but not much. Your mother (my sister) was 6 years older than me. I now live in Katy Texas at a2003 Stanford Park Court, Katy, Tx. 77450, the rest you know. Since Uncle Bill died in 2002 I live along, but Floyd is staying with me temporarily since I broke kmy femur in December. I go to the Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow and hope to get this brace off my leg, but have not been able to put any weight on my leg since the surgery on Dec. 4rh so am looking forward to seeing him. I’m feeling lots better and anxious to get about on my own. Talk to you soon. Lots of Love for the New Year! Aunty Anne

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