Beer Money Clip

Trying to scrape together some beer money? Check out this money clip that doubles as a bottle opener.

Beer money on a clip, with an bottle opener.

Beer money on a clip, with a bottle opener.

First though, let me say that this is a non-commercial blog. I have yet to accept any advertising and I rarely accept products for review. In fact, I actively refuse people who offer to send me samples of stuff that I don’t want or need.

On rare occasion, I am offered a product I actually want. Such is the case with the Beer Clip. I don’t carry a wallet, and I’ve always wanted a money clip. I do carry keys and like any thirsty beer activist, I keep a bottle opener on my key chain. Since I often clip the keys to my belt, extra weight and bulk on the key chain can be a mild nuisance.

So the Beer Clip is a solution for me. It is a basic money clip with a little notch on the side for opening bottles. Now I can keep all my beer money neatly bundled, and get rid of the bulky opener on my keychain. The Beer Clip works for me. It came with my name customized on it. It’s made in the U.S.A. out of stainless steel (with a piece of some kind of plastic protecting the customization). Check it out right here at

What would make this perfect for me is if it had a little sleeve where you could insert credit cards, and a driver’s license and such. I’ve seen others like that so I know they’re out there. Hey Beer Clip folks, if you’re listening, think about making one like that. If you do, and you send it to me, I’ll blog about you again. But in any case, thanks for the beer clip!


One Response to Beer Money Clip

  1. timjo62 says:

    I don’t know if that non-commercial disclaimer is going to do it. 🙂 I hope this doesn’t mean your readers are going to get clipped. sorry could resist a dad style joke….

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