Omega Octoberfest: We Have Liftoff

(This is an update for participants in the Beer, Brewing and Sustainability course at the Omega Institute.)

Great news. I checked the fermenter early this morning and found it happily gurgling away, strong and steady. The thermometer strip still read 74 F. but our California style yeast was doing its job.

Our next step will be to monitor for a slowdown and eventually stop to the bubbling, then we’ll rack off into the secondary fermenter. I expect that within the next 4-6 days so check back this weekend for another update.

On a side note, the honey we used in this beer came close to being the only honey I would see this year. As I mentioned, I harvested a whole box of honey a couple weeks back. Its been sitting in my friend’s basement waiting for us to extract it. Well, my friend was preparing some sugar syrup to place on the hives as a feeder for the winter and he accidentally left the stove on over night. His kitchen caught on fire! He awoke to a house full of smoke, grabbed an extinguisher and saved the house. The kitchen was lost but he and his family all got out and were fine. Oh, and the honey in the basement is fine – so maybe we’ll make a mead soon if we ever get around to extracting it from the comb.


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