Omega Octoberfest: First Taste

Omega Octoberfest

Omega Octoberfest

(This is an update for the participants in the 2008 Fermenting Revolution course at the Omega Institute.)

Our Octoberfest has been in the bottles a week now, so I popped one open to have a taste and guess what: it tastes like . . . wait for it, wait for it . . . an Octoberfest!

It is still a bit young though. The body needs to firm up a little and the appearance could stand to clarify a bit. I think the honey we added may have thinned the body slightly since honey boosts the alcohol level without adding malt character. But given that we used a California style ale yeast for a lager style beer, I think we still managed to achieve the crispness of an Octoberfest.

I’m travelling all next week, so I’m going to have to figure out whether I can get these in the mail to you next week or whether it’ll have to wait an extra week. In either case, this beer deserves another week in the bottle so even if I get it off to you this week, you should let it condition at least until the end of the week. Keep checking back here for updates to find out when this glorious amber liquid will be shipping out for your mailbox.


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