Fair Trade Beer?

UH Students for Fair Trade

UH Students for Fair Trade

What do you get when you cross the University of Houston Students for Fair Trade with the Beer Activist? Fair trade beer! I’ve blogged before about brewers using fair trade coffee in their beers. So, to celebrate Fair Trade month, the UH Students for Fair Trade are sponsoring me to come down there and talk to them about beer.

Wait, back up a little. Actually I’ll be talking more about socially and environmentally responsible univeristy procurement. Their group has been advocating on campus for a fair trade purchasing practices so that campus coffee shops offer fair trade beans from farmer cooperatives and roasters who participate in the certified fair trade coffee supply chain.

But then, after the event, this being a group of college kids and all, and my brother living in Houston and all, we’ll be having a little throwdown, Texas-style, at chez Tim O’Brien, replete with the best local beers money can buy. In Houston that means a whole lot of St. Arnold’s!

Here are the deets:


WHAT: A book reading and signing followed by a house party beer bash!

WHEN: Thursday, October 23, 2008, 7-8pm

WHERE: World Affairs Lounge on campus at the University of Houston


INFO: UH Students for Fair Trade


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