Omega Participants: Your Beer Has Arrived!

(This is an update for participants in the 2008 Fermenting Revolution course at the Omega Institute.)

Hi folks – your homebrews should have arrived by now. But I hope you haven’t drunk them yet! It would be best if you could let them settle for a few days in the fridge because the trip will have shaken them up quite a bit. You want to give the yeast a chance to settle. Then pop ’em open and enjoy! I’ve been drinking some samples at home the past week or so and been quite enjoying them.

Feel free to email me questions or feedback. Thanks again to all of you. I hope you enjoyed the course. By the way, if you did enjoy it, it would be great if you could tell Omega that. This was their first time hosting the course and I’d certainly love to do it again so feedback from participants would be helpful.

All the best in all your sustainable beer brewing and drinking endeavors. Cheers!


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