100 Best Beer & Wine Blogs

The Culinary School Guide published a list of their favorite beer and wine blogs. They appear in no particular order — at least I hope — because Beer Activist clocks in at number seventy.

But it is actually clear that they are not in rank order because they’ve broken the numerical list into categories. I’m one of two in the “Responsible Beer” category. Yikes.

That's me on the far right accepting my award.

That's me on the far right accepting my award.

I do run something called the Responsible Purchasing Network, which has nothing to do with beer other than that it allows me to travel all over the country doing green purchasing seminars and you know what ‘travel’ means: visits to breweries!

But sheesh, ‘responsible beer?’ That sounds so, I don’t know, beer-industry-speaky for advertising campaigns trying to get people to ‘drink responsibly.’ And hey, I’m all for that, as long as the occasional all night bender is considered ‘responsible.’ But somehow I don’t think that’s what they mean in those ads.

In any case, check out the list. I did find one cool blog on there that was new to me called Beer Locavore, which is all about “one beer lover’s quest to drink only local beer for an entire year.” I liked it so much I actually added it to my blogroll over there in the righthand column. And as many a disappointed beer blogger knows, appearing in that space is difficult. I’m a real scrooge about linking to other blogs because I want this blog to be all about ‘beer activism,’ which means if you’re just a regular old beer blog you don’t make the cut, even if you’re awesome and funny and educational and all that. Oh, except if you’re a personal friend, that gets you in too.


3 Responses to 100 Best Beer & Wine Blogs

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    Hey, that’s great that you’re getting noticed! And kudos for keeping the blogroll to a reasonable size. Those who try to be nice and include everybody and up with hellaciously long lists that don’t really do anybody any favors.

  2. Dave Bonta says:

    (end up, not and up)

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